Multifunction and Wheelchair Scales
Multifunction and Wheelchair ScalesRobust handrails allow weighing wheelchair bound patients, patients standing with a walker, and patients sitting on a stationary chair. Durable, large 76 x 80cm platform has a low angle and integrated ramps for easy-on, easy-off access. The scale can be quickly folded to reduce storage space.
Bed Scales
Bed ScalesDesigned to facilitate the weighing of patients who are on emergency stretchers, transport gurneys, wheel chairs, and stationary chairs. Allows the medical staff to accurately determine medication dose by quickly measuring the patient's weight in an emergency.
Vet Scales
Vet ScalesLow 60cm profile platform with easy to clean stainless steel cover.
General Purpose Scales
General Purpose ScalesUsed for food preparation management or medicine prescription weighing purposes. Compact removable stainless platter is easy to clean.
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