Bed Scale
Suitable for bedridden patients. Allow the medical staff to accuraely determine medication dose by quickly measuring the patient's weight. The high quality construction and loading structure is extrememly durable. Adjustable display with stand for better viewing.

Feature & Function:
  • High capacity of 360kg.
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Large platform with expanding ramp for easy access.
  • Tare function to subtract the weight of client's belongings, etc….
  • Accurately measure the client's weight data automatically, without touching any keys.
  • The "Hold" key improves weighing accuracy for unsteady or shaking clients.
  • BMI(Body Mass Index) function. 

Model BW-6190XL
Capacity 360kg
Graduation  100g
Platform Size 1000 x 1900 (flat portion)
Dimension 1720 x 2190 x 112mm
Power Supply AC adaptor & AA batteries(not including)
Display 1" black LCD
Option RS232, Backlight display, TF Thermal Printer