BW-5260M / BW-5260LM
Wheelchair scales with handrail
Robust handrails allow weighing wheelchair bound patients, patients standing with a walker, and patients sitting on a stationary chair. Durable, large 76 x 80cm platform has a low angle and integrated ramps for easy-on, easy-off access. The scale can be quickly folded to reduce storage space.  Optional expanding ramp makes it easy to access the scale with a wheelchair.

Feature & Function:
  • High capacity of 300kg. 
  • Easy to read LCD display.
  • Compact cast iron base allows 200% overload protection.
  • Tare function to subtract the weight of client's belongings, etc….
  • Accurately measure the client's weight data automatically, without touching any keys.
  • The "Hold" key improves weighing accuracy for unsteady or shaking clients.
  • "Recall" key improves record keeping, by displaying the client data after they have stepped off the weighing platform.
  • BMI(Body Mass Index) function.
  • Adjustable angle indicator.
  • Power saving Auto-off feature at 3,5, or 10 minutes. 
  • Triple display-height,weight,BMI.
  • 0~9 Numeric key
  • 99 sets of pretare weight memory

Model BW-5260M BW-5260LM
Capacity 300kg
Graduation 100g
Platform Size 760 x 800 mm 1200 x 800 mm
Dimension 1080 x 990 x 980mm 1720 x 990 x 980 mm
Power Supply AC adaptor & AA Batteries(not included) AC adaptor & Batteries(not included)
Display 1" Black LCD
Indicator BW-8263 BW-8263
Design BW-8260 with handrail BW-8260L with handrail
Option RS232, Backlight display, TF Thermal Printer

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