Wireless Crane Scale
  • The Nagata TR series RF crane scale is composed of a transmitting crane scale and various receiving weight indicators for overhead weighing & tension tasks.
  • The scale provides safe, precise and efficient weighing solutions for any harsh industrial environments that prohibit operator access or visibility to a scale-hook; such as invisible,dangerous, obstructive, high heat or overhead applications. With a transmission distanceup to 50m and no installation required; you just place the indicator in a safe and convenient location. The capacity ranges from 1.5t~50 ton and the accuracy is up to 1/3000.
  • Wireless transmitting scale can be communicated to all wireless receiving indicators, including the TR-1005A, TR-1010A, TR-1018A, TR-1023A, TR-1040A, TR-1106A indicators.

Model TR-HC-03
Capacity / Division 3t x 1kg 5t x 2kg 7.5t x 2kg
Capacity / Division 10t x 5kg    
Display 1.2" red LED display
Power AC adaptor or Rechargeable Battery DC 6V/10A x 1pc
Battery Life 150 hours
Option Wireless remote control , anti-heat device